The Ultimate Food Street: Maginhawa

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I’m sure that many of you have already heard about Maginhawa Street. For those that doesn’t know the place, it’s a street in UP Village, Quezon City, Philippines that is famous for the long line of food stores it holds. A food haven, as they call it.

I, personally, was able to go to the place and I tell you, choosing where to eat is a real struggle. Ha-ha! There are lots of choices and they’re all appealing! But here are some suggestions for you, the ones I was able to actually try:

The Sweet Spot


Place: Cozy and Comfy. When we were there, most of our neighboring tables are either studying or having a meeting. So if you want to just relax or study, it’s conducive for such activities.

Food: I was able to try the sandwiches and they were really good. Their servings are quite small so I do not advise sharing. They also offer pasta and rice meals.

Price: 150-300 pesos



Place: Small but has good interiors. We were almost not able to eat there because the place was full we just waited for like 5 minutes and as soon as a group leaves, we went to take our seats.

Food: It’s a coffee shop. So basically, it serves coffee and cake. Both tastes good, too.

Price: 100-200 pesos

Maginhawa 101


Place: The space was quite big. It has lots of food stalls inside it. If you want some peace and quiet, there are cottages at the back. *wink

Food: Because there are lots of food stalls inside, there’s also a variety of food choices. They have burgers, Filipino cuisine, pasta, ice cream, fruit shakes and some tusok-tusok (fingers foods in a stick).

Price: 100-200 pesos



Place: It also has lots of food stalls inside but it’s smaller than Maginhawa 101. The place is always jam-packed at night.

Food: Food stalls include the famous Lost Bread. It also has a wine stall there, crepes, thai food, filipino rice meals, chicken meals, hotdogs and mexican food.

Price: 100-200 pesos

The Big Appetite Sports Bar


Place: It’s a Sports Bar so the interiors has sports written all over it. Mugs with different NBA team logos, posters of sports-related stuffs and…. of course, the TV with a sports channel on.

Food: Burgers, burgers and burgers. The burgers are superb! And they also have huge servings, people! They also offer pizza and chicken.

Price: 250-500 pesos

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