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Two weeks ago, my friends and I have decided to defy gravity (just to put in a more dramatic way) and kill some stress in Baguio.

For a brief introduction of the place, Baguio City is dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines because of it’s cool weather. It is also called the “City of Pines” because.. well, you get to see lots of Pine trees in there. Now, since the heat is on and we really like to get away from everything, we went for a 5-hour bus trip to the mountains.

The place didn’t fail us. It’s still full of scenic views and the weather is still cool (though not as cool as I remember). We stayed there for two nights and two days and we got really tired during our last night because  we have to get to all the tourist spots: BenCab Museum, The Mansion, Wright Park, Ketchup Food Community, Botanical Garden, Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, Night Market and Session Road for one whole day. Just a tip for those who are planning to go to Baguio, stay there for at least  three days so that you can rest and regain some strength because walking around the city with  all that gravity is not a joke. My legs were hurting the day after we got home.

On Saturday night, we decided to just walk our way to Burnham Park and as we walk along Session Road, I saw how crowded Baguio has gotten to be. I thought, mainstream na talaga Baguio. Dami ng pumupunta. It was also at that time when my thoughts started running ahead of me and after our trip, I’ve realized a few things:

1. I AM selfish.

Truth be told, I was disappointed when I saw how huge the crowd was at the night market. You see, I am not comfortable with crowds. I went there with the intention to momentarily stay away from everything — that includes the crowd. And of course, along with the crowd is the noise and that’s another pet peeve of mine (by now, you probably get an idea on how boring my life is). BUT I TRIED, you know. I tried to not mind the crowd and just enjoy the company of my friends and the city lights that night has to offer.

Because despite all your selfish rants, life will not listen, it wouldn’t care. Life will not change for you, it will not adjust itself. Some days, you will find it throwing you to somewhere you don’t want to be and the only way to survive is to actually choose to change yourself and the way you look at it. Hoping that, maybe, life will look better on a different angle.

2. The world is small.

On our way back to the hotel, after the trip at night market, I saw one of my church mates and I was like, Ui! Andito ka din? Akalain mo nga naman. I was shocked and we weren’t really that close so I just said those words and said goodbye to him. What a small world we have here, huh? I thought, maybe that is why crowds are everywhere.. because the world we live in is too small for all of us. And with that, meeting people, interacting with people and actually talking to them is inevitable.

They say no man is an island. I find it true now. Because what are you gonna do with all that bodies and faces around you? Just stare at them? At some point in your life, you will find it necessary to relate with them.. either you will get bored, will need some help or will feel that being alone is not so fun anymore. So yeah.. Hello, world! 🙂

3. I’ve been holding my breath.

Before we decided to go to Baguio, my friends and I are really stressed at work. In my case, it was not just at work. I have problems at home, too, and some issues I have to deal with myself. So when we finally saw a free time, we did not hesitate scheduling it for a get-away trip. On our last day there, we have almost three hours of free time before checking out of the hotel. My friends decided to get some sleep and rest before going home and I? Well, I went for a walk outside.

Across our hotel is SM Baguio and if you will turn left, it will be the Session Road leading you to some parks and public markets. So.. I turned right. I’m not sure where I was going. I just felt that I needed that walk. My mind was blank though, I tried not to think of anything but walking safely.

After like 20 minutes, I decided to rest at SM. I immediately went to it’s terrace to find the morning view of the city and it’s perfect! The view, the cold air despite the blazing sun and the lessened crowd (they’re still probably sleeping or at church because it’s a Sunday then). Again, it’s perfect, it’s just what I needed.

I thought, Ito palang! Ito palang yung pahinga na kailangan ko! At that moment, I felt the “unexplainable” joy. I was smiling like an idiot and I’m alone and nobody there knows me so it’s fine (I guess) and I don’t really care about anything else at that time so I just savored the feeling, tried not to think again (because I hate it when my brain gets too noisy) and I’ve realized that it was just then that I was able to actually breathe ’cause the truth is, I’ve been holding my breath all this time. I’ve been on the edge, doing everything I can to not fall and there, at that moment.. I let myself fall.

It was God that guided me and the mountains that caught me. I told the skies: Hey. I am free. 

When the time was up, I went back to the hotel with a light and happy feeling thinking that, I was able to get what I came here for.

Thank you, Baguio. Thank you for a moment of freedom. Let’s see each other again. ♥

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